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Linen Rules

The Kids have gone back to school.

The weather oddly just got cooler.

You know what you have to do.

Take that Linen out of your closet.

My mother drilled the “linen rule” into my head so severely that I literally cannot have linen in my closet past Labor Day. I start counting down the days in May to Memorial Day, waiting to see my wrinkly friends again!

Ok, time for the funny linen story.

My daughter Ivy was born in January. Five days early, of course because my children are always in a hurry, but she was quick.

I mean very quick, a twenty minute labor, barely make it to the hospital, just get in any room and have this girl, quick.

It was around 7:30 in the evening and my Dr. was called away on route to a dinner party. The birth ensued and just as my beautiful daughter was born something caught my eye.

I grabbed the nurse’s arm and frantically asked, “what month is this?”

She took it as I was disoriented and going into distress, “do you not know what month this is? Do you know where you are? I think she is going into distress!”

I snapped back, “well I thought it was January so why is Dr S wearing white linen pants? and yes, that is distressing.” The room fell silent and I felt all eyes on me.

Hearing my crazy voice out loud I tried to recover, “Well I mean, its just that I just saw the white pants and well, you all understand, its the whole linen thing, Dr S I apologize,  have a fabric issue…”

Since my almost 20 year old daughter Ivy is now a bit of a fashion snob I totally blame her! It was her first view of the world. White linen pants in January, I was just channeling her judgy fashion voice!!

Ahh, something about apples and trees comes to mind!

Happy fall!