About Me

      Welcome! I’m Michal and this is my crazy life told through my art.

 Let me introduce myself, I am the rose-colored glass half full optimist, looking for a bit of humor and happiness in each day.

I started this blog to share my art and experiences. Well, actually, I have spent the majority of my career behind the scenes; creative director, artist, designer, author and illustrator and I figured it was time to step up to the front and put myself out there.

Drawing and painting for as long as I can remember, I polished up my skills at the Kansas City Art Institute, and graduated with a degree in textiles. (a life long love affair with fabric!)

Shortly after college I found myself in NYC working as an art director/textile designer which led me to start my own company. Through my company, and art licensing, I was able to design for the top companies of the gift and home furnishings industries. My journey in art licensing led me into illustration and I have been fortunate enough to have illustrated over 45 books, children’s and gift books, with also being the author of 15 of those titles. (more in the pipeline too!!)

Somewhere in all of the paint and pencils, I had a farm, raised two amazing kids, experienced heartbreak, found the love of my life and opened an adorable little shop. Throughout it all I never stopped creating; art and gardening keep me sane!

So, to recap, on this blog you will find:

Good food, did I mention my son is a chef? We were doing farm to table long before it was a phrase!

Good fashion, did I mention that my daughter has her own jewelry line? She also imports Italian handbags that are to die for!!

Good travel, Yes, I have a deep love for the country of France and travel there often (looking to relocate in the near future). I do travel a bit and look forward to sharing what I discover! (sounds like a sketchbook series!)

Good art, and ideas, I will be offering monthly subscriptions of art downloads; note cards, art, wrapping paper, calendar pages and a surprise or two! Of course you can always shop for handmade gifts, books and other goodies for you and your home here as well!

I hope you will join me and be inspired on this sketchy journey!