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New Year DIY: Embossed Card

Happy New Year!

A New Year DIY: Embossed Card

This new year I’m trying some new things; branching out with new ideas, new techniques and new adventures! My first New Year idea is an embossed card. I know I’m probably the last person to get on the embossing kick but I love how this looks on an allover print.

This embossed card is a very easy DIY using our downloadable card from our Bay Ave Studio monthly subscription. (every month we offer 2 new designs that can be easily embellished with this technique.)

We started with clear embossing ink from Stampendous and gold metallic embossing powder from Recollections. The only other supplies needed were a brush and a heat gun which we bought from Michael’s craft store.

Get Started

First, print out your card on card stock, cut out and fold. Next, decide what you would like to put on your card. We put on 2018 to use as a happy New Year card but you could use other words like, Merci!, Cheers!, or Happy New Year! or maybe a flower, heart or smiley face.

Once you write or draw with the embossing ink, (just a note, it will seem as though there is nothing there but trust me, there is!)

To be honest, we got this embossing ink to use on a stamp pad but we had trouble opening the bottle and lost the sponge applicator on the top. Being a bit resourceful I decided to try to use a brush and just paint with it and it was a great success!

Use the embossing powder right away, covering the entire image. Don’t be shy, use a bunch and don’t worry about waste, you will reuse any extra.

Shake off excess, tap on the back to help remove any excess.

I know right now it doesn’t look like anything great but just wait, you are now ready to use your heat gun and see some magic!

Using your heat gun, heat the embossed word or image gently. Do not get too close to the paper so as not to over heat it which could cause it to burn. Move the heat gun back ad forth across the image holding it about 3 inches away from the paper. Like magic you will see the image turn to a shiny metallic gold.

This technique is great for so many uses, as a result, I have used this technique on cards, tags, gifts, and art.  Be creative, just experiment using different brushes and stamps. Let me know how your cards turn out!

There are many more 2018 DIYs to come, we’re just getting started!




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