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Christmas Wrapped Up: Free Download Tags


Christmas, wrapping it all up, is one of my favorite parts of the holiday.

Not sure if you like wrapping presents as much as me, honestly, I really get into it.

This season at my shop I ordered metallic gold polka dot tissue paper and we are selling hand marbled paper in red and gold! So pretty! I have to admit, although I normally get all creative and stamp brown paper, This year I dipped into the marbleized paper for the fancy gifts! 😉

However,  I have to say this year is all about the tag.

That’s right, A little freebie from me to you!

A page of free gift tags! 

I painted up some gift tags with a few different themes.

A couple of different style trees, ornaments, snowmen and the Christmas Kept Simple: Easy Holiday Decor garland I wrote about a few days ago, were the ideas I focused on. You can download them for free here and get those packages all wrapped up!

Happy Wrapping!