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The DIY Home Planner: Best Day Job Ever!

I have the best day job ever! What is this best day job you ask?

I paint, and draw and illustrate,

and I am lucky enough to be involved with amazing people on amazing projects like this one: The DIY Home Planner written by the fabulous Karianne Wood, author of the Thistlewood Farms Blog. When I was asked to be the illustrator for this book I had no idea how much fun it would be working with Karianne Wood. While I painted and sketched my way through the house planner, I learned so much about how to decorate and I know you will too!  

I got to know Karianne while painting from her words and she is one talented lady! I used her blog as a resource into her decorating style and loved reading her posts. She shares little snippets into her world with funny, actual hysterical, stories, a very engaging writer. Her blog, Thistlewood Farms is full of creative ways to decorate your home and life. She writes as if you are sitting with her just swapping stories over a glass of sweet tea.

Sample page of how to plan your space, The DIY Home Planner

The DIY Home Planner is just like that, swapping stories but packed full of useful and necessary information but told in such a way that you will feel as if you just made a new friend!

Pattering mixing with pillows in The DIY Home Planner

You will learn the finer points of picking paint, furniture placement even how to measure for fixtures. Of course, everything you ever needed to know about flooring, draperies, pattern mixing; its in here! I mean, only Karianne could compare space planning to wearing Spanx to your high school reunion?

As it is a planner, this book is meant to be used when working on your home. It has pockets in the front and back, places to paste paint chips.  It also offers graph paper for laying out your rooms with little furniture icons to really plan your spaces. And, in the back we even put some frame-able art prints!!

Art print for framing in The DIY Home Planner

This is the season for redoing your home, this time last year we were in the middle of a total kitchen remodel, but The DIY Home Planner won’t hit the book shelves until March. This book is an invaluable tool in decorating your home so I wanted to give you the link to pre order here!

We have more books in the works for next year so get ready! I look forward to hearing about your DIY adventures!