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Get Cozy, Feel Pretty, Fake Travel and a Free Download Treat!



I just realized that we are still in January!

The winter blues have set in. It snowed last night and we have snow in the forecast 3 of the next 7 days!!

Its no surprise that I need some help dealing with the cold, short days and sadly I don’t have time to be running off somewhere tropical, I have work to do! Part of that work is to help you tolerate winter too, so I’m giving a free download to brighten your day.

I have a few ways I beat the winter blues that I thought I would share. These are not earth shattering revelations, just three simple ways I have found that help me tolerate winter.

Get Cozy, Get Pretty, and Fake Travel.

Get Cozy

On a typical winter day, I am at the shop, its cold, really cold, ice and snow on the beach cold, windy, just flat out raw outside. (the joys of being in a beach town in New Jersey!) This is time for what I like to call the “shop sweater“.

This is a long, over sized cardigan style sweater Ivy purchased for me last fall, a great find in the usually bizarre clothing selection of Anthropologie’s sale area. (an early Christmas present!) If I’m already wearing a sweater it doesn’t matter, it goes on over top. It makes me feel cozy and happy.

Now that I think about it, even if I’m having a stressful day and its not cold, I wear the shop sweater. That seems rather like the thunder shirt I put on the dog to keep him calm!!! Yikes!

Well, no matter, find yourself a cozy sweater, wrap or whatever, and put it on!

Next, you need a special mug, or tea cup. This is important. Your hot drinking vessel sets the cozy tone. Now what you put in the mug is entirely up to you, but I suggest whatever makes you feel happy. For me its an almond milk latte with cinnamon, or French press coffee with coconut cream. My daughter Ivy is double hot chocolate all the way.

 Feel Pretty

Nothing fights the cold and dreary days like prettiness! Actually, winter is the only time of year I wear makeup. A little blush, a hint of sparkle, lipstick; it does wonders for a girl! Polish your nails too, go for a pedicure.

Dress up a bit, I actually wore some heeled dress shoes with my jeans the other day and felt just a bit brighter all day. Switch out your neutral purse for a fun color or tie on a bright scarf.

Its the little things you know!

Light colors help a bit as well. I tend to get into a winter rut, wearing black and grey, dull neutrals but who says you can’t throw on a pair of white jeans and a big chunky cable knit camel sweater? Add some suede loafers and you are on your way!

Fake Travel

This is the time of year we all should heading somewhere warm. Alas, it doesn’t always happen so we must improvise. That’s where my “fake travel” comes into play.

Go to the movies. Pick a movie that is in a warm place, something that shows a lot of sun. It could be old, new, in a theater, netflix it makes no difference. Just make it warm!

If books are your thing, read a novel set in a warm tropical local or at least in summertime! I also tend to browse properties in warm sunny spots, picturing myself basking in the sun.

If you are lucky enough to live in an area with a botanical garden, GO! An afternoon spent strolling and gazing at banana trees and tropical orchids in a humidity drenched green house is absolutely therapeutic! Better yet, treat yourself to an orchid, primrose or citrus tree for your home or office. Just seeing the green will help!

So to recap, wrap up in your cozy sweater, and polish your nails while sipping on a latte. Then, while smelling the fragrance from your new lemon tree,  write out a postcard to friend. (I have provided a sunny floral bouquet design postcard for you to download here.)

Print on card stock, cut out, fold in half. Glue the two halves together and there you have it!

Only a few months to go, we got this!




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