February 2018 Design Inspiration


 February 2018

 Collection Inspiration

Love bugs!


Years ago I happened upon a collection of antique textile swatches, and as some of you may know I am crazy about textiles,  actually my degree is in Fiber/Textile design. Anyway, I love these swatches and use them whenever possible; for inspiration in my product designs, illustrations of course and I even used them for a series of coloring books. So it is no surprise that I decided to use them for our monthly downloads.

For February 2018, we, my daughter Ivy and I, choose a silhouette floral silk swatch to work from, originally colored in cream with navy blue flowers, I enlarged it and painted the flowers a lighter blue and added some pink. For fun we went love bug crazy; insects seem to be popping up all over high fashion and so we figured, why not?! Lastly, we got romantic with the foxglove art print. Absolutely beautiful when framed. Get creative with the art cube and add your own personal touch!

Michal & Ivy


                     Our February Art Cube

We decided to go 3-D this month with a “Love Bug Art Cube” This is a fun one to embellish with our own extras!

So this cube is just printed on one piece of 8 1/2″ x 11″ card stock, we use 65lb card stock, Neenah brand.

Using the embossing technique from last month, if you need a refresher just check out here. However, it would be just as easy to use a glitter pen, or glue and glitter. Ivy went crazy and actually stitched silver bugle beads on the blue bug! Too cute!

I left a blank square where I was thinking you could write a message! I will include a post on how to fold and glue but if you want to make it sooner and re having trouble just shoot me an email at msparks@michalsparks.com and I would be happy to help.

Michal and Ivy