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Life Can be Tough: Be A Cactus Free Printable

Free Cactus Printable
Life is Tough, Be a Cactus-Free Printable

Life can be tough sometimes.

Little things can become bigger things and you need to be tough.

Strong, maybe even prickly. Like a Cactus.

I am about to finish a year long journey in my life of what I like to refer to as “my boob thing”. I refuse to give it anymore authority than it deserves so I will not call it by its commonly referred to name; we all know what I am talking about.

As it goes, I was and am, very lucky and fortunate to have the best of the best, that includes my family, my Doctors and my diagnosis.

That being said, I still had moments that I needed to be tough, and believe me when I tell you I am one of those people that never gets sick, Ever. So when life throws a curve ball and you must absorb the whole idea of having some foreign enemy in your body, well that was really difficult to grasp.  Still is! Maybe harder for my family and friends but I live by the code of “never let them see you sweat” and for me it works.

Be Cactus-Free printable
Life is Tough: Be a Cactus- Free Printable

Life is unpredictable, I was thrown for a moment but found the toughness needed to make some lifestyle changes, more on that coming up! I know all of us are different and we all handle situations like this in our own way but I just wanted to share my cactus philosophy; maybe it speaks to you as well!

For everyone out there going through their tough time I thought a little free inspirational printable from me to you would be nice. I painted this little piece in watercolor and used a bit of gouache in the background. This is the first of many free printable cards I will be offering on this blog. They are in the format of an inspirational card. Tape it to your mirror, magnet it to your fridge, frame it, whatever! Just be  inspired to find your toughness! Just go to the printables page.

Be a Cactus
Life can be Tough: Be a Cactus Free Download

Print on card stock.

Cut on the outside dotted line.

Fold in half on the center dotted line and glue.

There is one for you and one for a friend.

This is your life! Stay strong and tough my friends! and let me know how you are doing!