Tales of Buttercup Grove

I am so happy to be illustrating this fantastic series, Tales of Buttercup Grove, written by Wendy Dunham, it is releasing Spring and Fall of 2018. Fun adventures and learning with of a group of furry friends.

A Windy Spring Day  

A Blustery Day in Buttercup Grove
When a big wind goes whoosh, Skunk gets scared and could sure use a friend. Braving the storm to check on his best pal, Raccoon comes over for a visit and brings a big surprise–supplies to make a kite. Skunk and Raccoon work together to get the kite made and invite everyone in Buttercup Grove over to fly it, because some things are better to do with more than just two!

A Windy Spring Day by Wendy Dunham illustrated by Michal Sparks

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Sunflower Summer

Flowers and Friendships Need Time to Grow

It’s the first day of summer in Buttercup Grove. Hooray! What a better way to celebrate than planting some flowers. Raccoon gathers his friends and they get to work digging holes for the sunflower seeds he found. But there’s a big problem. Sunflowers take all summer to grow and that’s a long time! It’s going to take a lot of hard work and patience before Raccoon and his pals see big, bright flowers. Sometimes, the most beautiful things in life are worth waiting for.

Sunflower Summer by Wendy Dunham illustrated by Michal Sparks

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