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My Number 1 Rule for Success, and A Free Download!

My number one rule for success is pretty simple.

Just go forward.

That’s right. No great words of wisdom. Just plow ahead.                                                                             I know what you are thinking, really, that’s it? It has always worked for me and happens to be what I’m doing right now!

I just signed on the dotted line, so to speak, for a booth at SURTEX 2018. For those of you that may be unfamiliar with this show, it is a trade show in NYC where manufacturers, publishers, designers and anyone that may need artwork for products goes to license and buy art.

So what is the big deal you ask?

A Little Background

I attended my first SURTEX show in 1988. Yes, that long ago. I had just graduated and my college, The Kansas City Art Institute, had a booth there and I confess I didn’t spend much time at the booth. Job hunting was all I could focus on so I could stay in New York. At that time most artists were selling their designs and not licensing.

I didn’t really pay much attention to the show until a few years later when I got a job as an art director of a New York studio. Again, I was nose to the grindstone working for someone else, busy with clients and projects and only mildly concerned with the selling arm of the studio and what was happening out there in SURTEX land.

Fast forward a few more years and I put my number one rule for success into motion. I just went forward. I had started my own company and decided to step into the licensing arena. Although initially the Licensing show was where it all started, it was the SURTEX show that was where the artists were and needless to say, where the customers were. So that’s where I was, in a huge booth. I just plowed forward. For years. And frankly it was exhausting!

My number one rule payed off. I had a lot of success. Tons of customers, and more licenses than I could keep up with. But as life is filled with its own sets of checks and balances it didn’t last. I was going forward in one direction and unbeknownst to me my partner was going in another. Not a good ending to a lot of very hard work.

Going Forward

My rule for success has not changed. I am going forward, plowing ahead, going out on a limb.

On my own!

By signing on to have a booth this May I am moving myself in a familiar yet a little scary direction but at least now a direction that I can control. I am older and wiser and am grateful for all the experiences I have had to deal with; the truths I had to uncover to get to this place.

I invite you to follow along with me on this journey! I will be adding a page on this site to cover the work area of my day, really a portfolio of designs for customers to browse through.

When you have an idea or dream and you would like it to be successful, take my number one tool for success and just go forward. I am!

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