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Summer Favorite Shoe: The Espadrille


Summer and a bit about my likes.

Well to be honest, my loves.

Hot summer weather, yes, I’m the strange one that gets in a hot car and smiles. (a childhood spent in Texas, thank you!)

I love fabric, textiles.

Really, I am a fabric snob. I make no apologies – everyone knows this about me.

And…. like most females (and many males I know)….I love shoes!

So if you add all these elements together..

Summer weather + Fabric + Shoes = espadrilles! Espadrilles!

Two years ago, in October, we were in Barcelona and happened to be strolling in the old section of town and I came across a shop with a massive wall covered with every color and pattern of espadrilles. I could barely help myself! Should I get solids? Which stripes should I pick? Which pair should I pick for Ivy? I got that frantic shopping adrenaline shot that made me buy multiple pair.

Then when I got home to New Jersey it was fall then winter so they stayed packed away. Then in June I moved to a new location and the unpacking took some time so another fall and winter rolled around until Voila! I re discovered them this summer and how happy am I ?

Here are my current favorite pair sunning themselves way down south in Belize last week.

These sweet simple slippers (I lazily scrunch down the back so they are “slippers”) are my everyday go to. I tend to dress in solids so these jazz up my wardrobe.

Actually I have them on today! Jeans, white linen shirt and striped slippers. Easy hot weather favorite!

I couldn’t resist a couple of quick sketches!

Did I mention I have them in lime green too!?

Happy Summer!