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Travel Watercolors: My Number One Art Tool

Travel watercolors changed my life, which is busy.

Winsor & Newton
Travel Watercolor Pallette

So is yours. So is everyone’s.

I live with quite a few luxuries, I’m not going to lie about that.

But when it comes to my work I’m all about efficiency and time, not so much luxury and glamour. Years ago, before painting everyday was my real life, I used to fantasize about the classic artist with a thick paint pallet and a huge array of brushes.

You know what I’m talking about.

Winsor & Newton Watercolors
Travel Watercolor Set

Then one day, maybe 20 years ago, I discovered this glamorous little beauty from Windsor & Newton. A travel watercolor pallet; It was so cute and compact, it folded up to the size of a small wallet! It was efficient! It saved me time! And it was adorable!

I must disclose here that I do get compensated from an affiliate. However, I swear by Winsor & Newton for years as my go to paint, watercolors or oils, I think you will too! 

I envisioned myself strolling around some quaint French town, whipping out my little pallet and capturing the village life as it happened.

OK, flash forward to reality.

The dog, my dog, the German Shepherd puppy that is now my 10 year old sidekick, bit through my beloved mini travel pallet and mangled one side. Uggh! How could I get mad at that sweet puppy face?! No matter, I continued to use it. I filled it with extra colors and used it for endless projects, book illustrations, designs.

Travel Watercolors
Travel Watercolor Pallet

Now to the present,

for the first time in my painting life, (will not go into how long that has been,) I have a studio space that is not connected to my home. I still paint at home but I also paint at a shop/studio I have with my daughter.

So that became a reason to buy another super cute mini pallet! One for home and one for the shop! (Yes the mangled one in battleship grey is still in use)

However, I still carry the new navy blue one in my purse just in case, you never know when that French village will pop up!

HAGD (Have a great day!)